5 Best Strollers for Your Growing Family 

UPPAbaby Vista / UPPAbaby Cruz

If your budget will allow for it, the UPPAbaby brand is rock solid. They stroller hold up well over the years, and the Cruz will accommodate a growing family. Both strollers do well in the resale market (especially the double). All its bells and whistles are top of the line and impressive (like the extending handlebar and super easy fold). 

Another cool feature for the UPPABaby – the bassinet. You can transfer the bassinet from stroller to bassinet stand, no problem. It’s a great feature for travel or on-the-go families!

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

This is the stroller my family cruises around in. I picked it over the UPPAbaby because of the weight limits of the seats and the awesome bench seat for my older little one. I am not sure those are the right decision points for everyone but they were for us when we purchased in 2018.

It is still holding up impressively, and all three can squeeze on for short distances like across a windy parking lot in a hurry (seat, bench and footrest that isn’t really a kickboard but acts like for my 4 year old for a few minutes!). You can buy an actual kickboard, btw!

We also use this stroller with our Graco car seat since you buy super simple adapters (i.e. so you don’t have to commit to the Graco brand fully even if that’s the way you go with car seats!). 

The LUX also has a bassinet, but it uses up the second seat frame – so you have to be cool with that. You can switch it back, but probably not on a regular basis because that would be such a pain.

Baby Jogger City Select Lux – Double Stroller

Graco Modes

The above note about the Graco brings me here – to the Graco brand! Which I love! It is an afford and reputable brand with a vast product line. Our first stroller/car seat combo was the Graco with “click connect” technology (still love) – the modes!

We still have this stroller and car seat and use it with our third baby (we had our babies close enough together that the car seat has not expired yet!).

You can’t go wrong here. The car seat is safe and lightweight, and the stroller is easy to use for a single babe. Graco adapters are available if you switch to a bigger stroller later on – like the Baby Jogger for multiple kids! (We still use this Graco single stroller when the old boys are walking/riding bikes vs. using a heavy double!). 

BOB Alterrain Pro

The BOB is the brand of all brands when it comes to strollers on the move. Jogger, trails, beaches. You are going to go with a BOB – if that fits into your strolling budget. They are heavy and bulky but are the Mercedes E-Wagon of strollers!! You can’t go wrong with this for the type of terrain you need it for – but make sure you have a lot of garage space and no flights of stairs to haul it up!

Pro tip: don’t skimp out on the accessories if you can afford to go those extra miles! Making your stroller totally decked out makes life way more efficient.

Baby Jogger Glider Board, Parent Organizer/Cup Holder, Single Cupholder, Seat Cover, travel bag, etc.

UPPABaby: Ride-along board, parent organizer, rain shield, bassinet stand, etc.

Stroller toys – Universal use

Stroller rain covers

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