Childcare: How to Pick the Right Daycare for Your Baby

Finding the right childcare is no easy tasks for most of us. If you will be considering a daycare center or a home daycare, evaluate your options by going through the 11 points below. This will give you consistency across the board!


Close to home, work, or along the route to reap the benefits of the carpool lane!


What is the monthly or yearly cost? Is there a cancellation policy/fee? Do siblings get a discount? Does the rate decrease as your children get older?


Will there be available space for your child when you return to work? What is the waitlist like? Will your other children be able to join the childcare program later on?


Do you like the person who runs the daycare? Did you have time to meet any of the teachers? Do they seem trustworthy, genuine, kind, smart? Did you have a chance to read reviews or talk to other families about the people who work at the daycare?


Do they practice or preach certain child rearing methods with the children? Is it religious? Are their practices compatible with you?


What do other people say about the daycare? Do other families stay in the program a long-time and for multiple children? Has the daycare been reported for any violations? What about any of the specific employees/teachers?

Security & Safety

What kind of training do the employees receive in regards to CPR and other safety protocols and practices? What are the safety rules and regulations within the facility? How is the house or building secured? What are the measures set-up to ensure food and sleep safety? What about pick-up and drop-off regulations/safety protocols?

Vacation & Holiday Policies

Many daycares close over religious holidays and other bank holidays. What is your potential daycare’s holiday schedule like over the year? Do they take spring break, winter break or summer break?

Back-up Care

If the care provider or teacher(s) are sick or on vacation, how is the childcare program supported with back-up care?


What is the longevity of the employees at the facility? High turnover could be warning sign about management.


How many children per care provider at the daycare? Is it generous or restrictive? What does that mean for the children?

Your hunt will require online research, discussions with other families/parents in the neighborhood, as well as tour of the facility. Don’t forget to take notes along the way!