Comparing Baby Carriers for Baby Wearing Parents

There are a ridiculous amount of baby wearing devices on the market, and honestly, the choices are overwhelming. How do I pick the best brand, the best model, size, color, pattern…. What happens when the baby gets bigger? Will my spouse wear the same baby wearing device as me or should we both have ones we like best? The ‘Paradox of Choice’ here is real. 

Let’s start by simply narrowing down the market. You can get pretty much everything you want out of the options below without exploring any other brand. That said – there are plenty of other great brands out there that vary in material, cost, distribution channels and alike. The hunt is up to you! 


Moby is a quality brand with tons of patterns and colors. Their 100% cotton classic moby sling is an easy choice. The moby evolution carriers the same size baby weight but is a bit softer and lighter/cooler material (though not 100% cotton). 


Boba is also a great brand. Their wrap is 95% with some wiggle room for stretchy spandex (which is really helpful as your body is all different sizes after baby!). Boba holds a baby up to 35 LBS (2lbs more than the Moby) and comes in a variety of patterns. 

Baby K’Tan

The K’Tan – people love it. Great material, good brand. The unique thing about the product is it is suppose to be easy to put on as an already ‘put together’ unit of material verse trying to wrap yourself like the other baby wraps. The thing that is tricky about that is you kind of have to get the right size and it’s hard to know ahead of time which size is perfect – your breast size will change when you are nursing and pumping (or not), and your babies weight and length will also impact the fit. Again, people love it but you might have to wait until baby arrives to find the perfect fit. 

Mom Kangaroo Shirts

I personally have never used a Mama Kanga shirt – but I have heard good things about the concept. If you are wondering what I am talking about you can find some highly rated options here, here and here


I am a HUGE fan of all things ErgoBaby. I like their small carriers, their bigger ones, the colors, the fabric, the company, the variety of products, the quality. We have used the same carrier for both boys and it is still in super great condition and we will be wearing our third in it as well. It can go through battle! You really can’t go wrong with Ergos

Baby Bjorn 

So, even though I loved the Ergo360 and it is by far, the most used carrier in our collection, I also really enjoyed having the Baby Bjorn classic for when our babe was super tiny. The Bjorn fit my smaller frame well and was most snug and supportive for our tiny infant than the Ergo360 was at first. Eventually, both my husband and I preferred the Ergo but the Bjorn got a lot of great usage and will again! Baby Bjorn is also a really good brand and the material holds up well! Bjorn also makes a bigger carrier if you aren’t interested in the Ergo for later on  – and a mini