Everything You Need for A C-Section Recovery

What do I need to buy to prepare for my caesar section recovery? This is a great question that I have been asked a bunch for those preparing for a planned c-section or worried about an unexpected one! Let’s discuss it the nitty gritty below:

My son was born after two days of labor. Active, in the hospital kind of labor. He wasn’t even born vaginally after all of that. I ended up with a c-section after being induced didn’t lead to his descent or any notable dilation on my part. To read more about my first’ birth story, visit my post here

So, in the end, it was a caesar birth. A birth of a wonderful child nonetheless, but not really what I had imagined or planned for. 

I hadn’t read about c-sections. I hadn’t talked to people about c-sections. I hadn’t even thought about them, truthfully. I was pretty blindsided.

But here I was, recovering after 48 hours of labor and a really enormous surgery, new baby in arms. My recovery was horrible. I was in so much excuating pain that I would cry every time I had to go pee or the nurses forced me to go for a short walk to keep things circulating properly. Recovering from unexpected caesar birth, especially after going through two days of contractions, is very different from a planned c-section. I can tell you that because my second child was a planned c-section in light of my own health reasons. 

Whether you are planning for a c-section, or end up down this path unexpectedly, there are a handful of products you want to know about ASAP. 

Thoughtful Bottoms

Your going to want really, really comfortable and loose pants that don’t cinch you at the waistline. Ouch! Lulu’s actually has some really awesome options. Check out these adjustable joggers or this super cute tie-dye set with a loose and adjustable waist. These high-waisted joggers with a matching top are also a perfect fit for a comfortable snuggle with new baby. If you are trying to leave the hospital with a more polished look, these chic dress jogger pants can be coupled with a cute nursing top (skip the heels and make sure to get a size up!). These comfortable but polished Sebastian pants are perfect for dressing up to get out of the house after the new baby, or for your newborn photoshoot! 

Comfy Underwear

Your undies game is about to change. 

First, get use to the mesh panties at the hospital. 

They are both ugly and great – steal a bunch of them to bring home with you and have zero regrets about it. Everyone knows they are the most perfect recovery item you never knew you needed.

Once you have moved past the mesh underwear stage, you’ll be welcomed to the recovery underwear phase. 

I highly recommend UpSprings Panty specifically for surgery. You can find them here: Post Op Panty Compression plus Silicone Scar Care Hysterectomy Recovery Panty. They are FSA/HSA approved and can sometimes be purchased with FSA/HSA card if you have such a thing. The medical grade compression reduces swelling, tenderness, bloating after lower abdominal surgeries and the silicone panel protects incision and helps to reduce scarring, redness and itching. If the full torso set isn’t your favorite, check out the classic high waisted set here: Post Op Panty Classic Waist Compression + Silicone Scar Care

Scar Strips

I scar badly. Everytime. Every day. My whole life. 

My c-sections have been no different. 

My gyno, a dermatologist, and a plastic surgeon all have recommended me wearing of silicone scar sheets 24/7 as soon as I was granted permission at my follow-up visit. These Professional Silicone Scar Sheets, Soften and Flattens Scars Resulting from Surgery, Injury, Burns, Acne, C-section and more, Soft Silicone Scar Strips are medical grade silicon, developed to deliver high performance scar treatment even before the full scar is formed. Silicone scar strips are said to improve the color, size, texture, and overall appearance of hypertrophic scars and keloids often resulting from surgery (and other things) and can even soften older scar. Each sheet is washable and reusable for up to 2 weeks with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Talk to your doctor before using these strips, but if they don’t bring it up – you should! 

Toilet Seat Helper

After my first c-section, I was in so much pain from the combination of labor and surgery, I could barely shuffle my feet to walk across the floor – not to mention use my abs to lift my body down and off a toilet seat. This is no joke. It was so painful to flex any part of my abdominal and that included trying to get to a low toilet seat to pee. A Carex Raised Toilet Seat is a toilet riser that adds 4.25 inches of height to your toilet and can definitely be anything you want at home if your recovery is more than just uncomfortable. 

Good Slippers

You’ll be spending a lot of time at home recovering and taking care of the baby. Non Slip Slippers are actually pretty key instead the house – they will keep your feet warm and supported, and help ensure you don’t slip or stub your toe while shuffling to and fro. Believe me, the last thing you want to do after a huge, serious surgery like a caesar is hurting yourself – even as small as your toe! Tweaking your body out of whack any more than it already is could set you back a lot. Take it seriously. 

Compression Socks

Before starting to wear something like compression socks, you should talk to your doctor. They may have already recommended using them after surgery, or just see no harm in the practice if it makes you feel more comfortable. You may need someone else to actually get them on you – but hey – that’s how it all goes after the fact. Amazon sells some super fun and funky ones like these or some more simple ones like this. Pro tip: never wear socks that are non-slip on tile or hardwood floor after surgery unless you are always wearing slippers or socks. Slipping after surgery is like, horrible. Slipping after surgery while holding baby, even more horrendous. 

The Right Glider

This Babyletto is not cheap but is honestly so perfect for anyone who is going to be spending long nights in their nursery or will be having a caesar section and needs an easy seat for recovery. This is why we bought it: the electric recline (easy for recovery), it reclines SUPER far back (I slept in this chair a lot). It is comfortable, chic, and durable and still much cheaper than fancy ones from designer stores. More than anything, it truly was the piece of furniture I needed after a serious c-section due to the recline features. 

A Supportive Belly Binder

If your doctor doesn’t recommend a Postpartum Belly Wrap for Recovery, ask them about it. Is it right for you? When can you start wearing it? This kind of belly wrap can assist in providing support to your abdomen region and especially protect your incision site. This can help to decrease pain and discomfort post- c-section or reduce the risk of injury to the area. 

Stool Softener & Pain Meds

Your doctor’s likely prescribed you stool softeners and pain medication to take home with you (or pick up at the pharmacy once you have been discharged). Don’t skip them, especially the stool softener! We don’t have to go into too much detail here but let’s just say – you’ll regret not drinking enough water, taking it easy on your body and uhmm… skipping stool softeners. 

A Boppy Pillow

If you didn’t already get a poppy at your shower or in preparation for your new baby, it’s a really, really good idea to order one ASAP. A boppy is the perfect shape and size to help you hold your baby comfortably on/close to your body without bothering your incision. During breastfeeding or snuggling, the boppy will help you be close to your new little love bundle while protecting you for excessive pressure or weight in your sensitive areas. 

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