How to Pick the Best Bassinet

Both cribs and bassinets can be safe sleep choices for a newborn.

Let’s face it – newborns don’t need a whole gigantic crib! I know plenty of families who didn’t set-up cribs until their child was three, four or even five months old. Smaller sleeping spaces can actually allow your newborn to feel more secure and comfortable – or at least someone says so.

Bassinets, depending on their shape, size, usage, weight, and other features – can be used for quite some time with infants and can lend some efficiency to your life depending on their features. Personally, our kids slept in bassinets all of three months and then they were fully in their cribs. However, when they came in handy – they really, truly did! Especially on the go. Every child is different!

When you are considering which bassinet might be right for your house and family – consider a few things.

  1. Safety Ratings and Reviews
  2. Portability (do you need to move it around the house?)
  3. Price
  4. Style
  5. Height and weight limit (how long do you plan to use it?)
  6. Usage (do you need one with certain features, bells and whistles?)

Because choice can be overwhelming, I am limiting each section to 5 listed options, even though there are plenty to choose from!

Bedside Bassinets

Portable Bassinets

Bassinets On-the-Go

Solid Bassinets

Mini-Crib ‘Bassinets’

Bells & Whistles

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