10+ Great Summer Outdoor Toys & Games On Amazon Now

Looking for great summer outdoor toys for young kids? Ways to keep babies and toddlers cool and entertained this summer? Visit “10+ Great Summer Outdoor Toys & Games On Amazon Now” today!

Ladies and Gents’ – summer has arrived!! So many of us will be stuck very close to home (or, at home!) in this warm weather, which is a total bummer. (But honestly, if that is all you have to complain about right now, you are doing pretty damn good).

To ease the disappointment of not being able (or comfortable) hitting the pools and beaches, or sending your kids off to summer camps, I made a list of some great outdoor toys and games to keep your young kids very busy and very happy this summer! Most importantly, you can get on Amazon ASAP.

Check out the list below for things you can have right in your own backyard and offer a lot of independent play opportunities!!* Yes, independent.play.! 

(* Don’t read me wrong: Supervision is always necessary with young ones playing outside, especially when it comes to water.)

1. Sprinklers

If you don’t have a pool (even if you do have a pool!), sprinklers are always such a big hit with kids. This water activity turns into a game for silly little ones, and can be played solo or with siblings/friends/parents! I remember spending hours running through sprinklers as a kid. Don’t you? 

2. Slip and Slide

Slip and Slides are the best. Though, I have to admit, I have never been great at running and jumping straight onto my stomach on solid ground. Kids seem to have less fear (or less knowledge of that actually being slightly painful). 

Hydro Blast Water Park (I mean, if you are going to go for it, go for it!) 

3. Pool Time

If you have a cool-blue-heaven (aka: in-ground pool) awaiting you this summer, I am super jealous. If you don’t – have no fear Kiddie Pools are totally entertaining to kids (and are much easier for you to manage with your phone in one hand while you talk to a client- ugh!).

4. Water Tables

Babies and toddlers LOVE to play with water. Water tables are a super easy and cute way for them to get wet and explore toys and H2O while you don’t have to hop into a bathing suit. 

5. Bubbles

Bubbles. All the rage. We all know it. I am not sure there is much more to say than most kids LOVE bubbles.

6. Trampoline

If I could have one thing this summer (other than a pool), it would be a trampoline. You have a bunch of options when it comes to trampolines – starting from small kid size ones that could probably also fit in your basement – to huge family size fun. Trampolines last years and provide tons of entertainment and exercise. 

7. Sand

Who doesn’t love sand? My husband. But kids do. I spend hours (hours!) when I was little in my sandbox. In the summer, I’d drag a hose in that sucker and create floods, rivers and volcanos. Although, I am sure my parents didn’t totally appreciate me coming in the house with wet sand, they probably did appreciate me being occupied for an hour or two by myself.

8. Electric Cars

I always, always, always wanted an electric car to drive around when I was younger but I never got one. Now, my parents spoil my kids by having not one, but two, at their house ready to ride. I am not complaining one bit about this hypocrisy — my kids LOVE them and it happily uses up so much of the day. There are tons and tons to pick from, ready to be delivered to your house pronto.

9. Bikes & Scooters

Balance bikes are a super great investment for those pre-riding warriors. We recently invested in the RetroSpec and hope to skip the training wheels all together. Once we get to a real bike, please RAVE about the Woom, but there are a ton of great options you can get your hands on at varying price points ASAP. 

There are also TONS of kids scooters, ugh – so many choices. We happen to like the three wheel Micro

10. Just for For

Some things just don’t seem to fall into any particular categories, but are still awesome in themselves. I saw kids playing with this rocket launcher for 45 minutes at the park the other day and will be investing in it myself this summer! 45 minutes?! GIVE.ME.THAT.NOW.

For Christmas, I gave my niece and nephew a set of walkie talkies off Amazon. I felt like the best Auntie ever as they spend the entire evening running around the house talking to each other over their walkie talkies and not bothering us (who just wanted a glass of wine and relax after all the x-mas prep!). Walkie talkies are such fun at almost any age, honestly. Right now, my sons do not have walkie talkies (oh but they will!) and instead run around with two rocks and talk to each other over their “rockie talkies” which is something I just don’t want to ruin just yet. Ha!

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