Winter Strollers with Tires fit for Snow

Winter is coming! Winter is coming!

For some of you, it’s already here. Ugh.

Now, you might be thinking – I’ll still get out of the house, I’ll still do stuff with the kids. No problem! Snow won’t keep me back! I hope that is true for your sake.

But, it’s tough on cold wintery days to pack-up the kids and bundle everyone up – I get it. Worst of all, you might not even have considered your strollers limitations. Some strollers with smaller wheels and that sit lower to the ground are going to be super tough through slush and snow this winter. If you are considering a secondary stroller for winter weather and other outdoors-y-ness (like hiking, beaching and jogging when the weather turns to bearbale again!) here are the best options to consider:

It’s All About the BOB 

The BOB is a swivel wheel all-terrain stroller with air-filled tires. On the market now, you should consider the BOBs both single and double for your outdoor needs. For singles, look at the BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller, or the BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller. For double trouble, check out the 2019 BOB Revolution Duallie Flex 3.0 or the BOB Revolution Duallie Pro. The BOBs high-quality materials, big wheels, maneuverability and durability will put this stroller high on the list for winter must-haves. 

A Rival to the BOB

The most expensive, but the top jogging stroller for all-around best performance is the Thule Urban Glider Jogging Stroller.  It is light weight, fold-easy, comes with a large covered storage, and canopies that swivel and has a ergonomic handlebar. It’s sister, the Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller is for even more professional outdoorsy people. You can even get the Thule Urban Glider as a double, too. 

Joovy Does it Well

For single rider use, the Joovy is a more affordable option than the BOB but does the outdoors well too. Consider the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller if you have just one rider to accommodate this winter. With an extra high-seat and big swivel wheels will help you through the snow sleet (yuck!). 

Baby Jogger for a Win 

The Baby Jogger is a brand I really like. This product in particular comes with all the similar bells as the BOB and Thule (but lacks some whistles). The jogger comes with all wheel suspension system, hand operated rear brakes and a large adjustable sun canopies with peek a boo windows and side vents. Check out the double Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller here. Only bummer, doesn’t take a car seat for wee-ones like many other joggers. You can find their single version here

For more on keeping baby warm in this winter, especially in the stroller, visit my post here!