Bay Area Peninsula Parks: 99 & Countings

I don’t know about everyone else, but our family spends a whole lotta’ time at playgrounds. I love getting the kids outdoors – and also really need them to expel lots of energy!!

Going to the same park over and over again is totally expected – it’s whatever is close, easy, familiar. “Our park” – as we say. As if we own it. But honestly, it gets boring. Same sandbox. Same two swings. Same play structure. They probably don’t get as bored with it as we do – but hey.

With that in mind, I created a list of almost 100 playgrounds here on the Peninsula (Bay Area talk for that handle between San Francisco and Silicon Valley).

I haven’t been to every park, so I apologize in advance if something about the description is out of date or incorrect but I did my best to make this list into a shareable park bucket list! I mean, who doesn’t love a bucket list?

To make this list your own family’s bucket list (how fun, right!?) please sign-in and “make a copy” on the top right! Once you have your own copy – you can add, delete, rate the park, change information etc.! Have fun!

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