I’m Julia, a mother to two adorable and rambunctious little boys who are full of boundless energy, big emotions, and lots of belly laughs. They are SO cute and SO much fun! Being a mom is both awesome and exhausting.​

Like most parents, I spend my time juggling my kid’s activities, needs and lack of inhibitions with work, social life, marriage and an endless list of tedious kid/house/human chores.

As a new parent, the balancing act was overwhelming. Six weeks into life with our first boy, I felt paralyzed by the endless to-do list and guilt for not spending enough time enjoying my new family. I missed my husband (as just us), my friends, a sense of self, and an order to the world.​

As a professional, I’ve spent my career working closely with CEOs and other Executives — helping them to be more efficient and effective in their day, handling complicated schedules, and dealing with responsibilities where small details matter a lot. I naturally thought that my background would be totally applicable to motherhood and I was going to knock this whole working, modern-mom thing out of the park! But between the exploding diapers, lack of sleep and the world that is breastfeeding, I learned what managing a demanding day-to-day was really all about.

Over the past two and half years I’ve put what little energy I have left at the end of the day to research and write down the techniques and best practices that would help our family more easily get through the ups, downs, turns, and backflips that being a parent brings. I’ve developed Practiced Mom to be the resource I was always on the hunt for. Being a new parent is amazing, but also hard. I hope the learnings pulled together here help save you time, energy, and stress so that you can spend more happy moments throughout the day focusing on family, friends, and yourself!