Best Amazon Finds for Your Amazing Playroom

New house, new house, new house. I am a broken record and I know it. As I daydream about what it is to become (soon enough!), I keep focusing a lot on the playroom. We have decided to keep our boys home from preschool this year due to health concerns. With a new little bundle in our lives – our playroom HAS to be a great space for everyone to learn, play, create, and thrive because we are going to be in it A LOT. 

In California, having a playroom was never a ‘thing’ because 1. We had a tiny house and there was no space for such a luxury and 2. We spent less than half the waking day *inside* almost all year-round. With the Chicago weather – it is going to be quite a different story. Our house, and especially the spaces designed for the kids, need to be places that are:

  1. Safe
  2. Inspiring
  3. Enjoyable to be in 
  4. Condusive to learning and exploring 
  5. Comfortable for everyone 

In thinking through storage, organization, colors, carpets, tables, toys – I remind myself of this list over and over again. As I scope out every retail imaginable online, Amazon is actually a treasure trove of finds for this particular space. Below you can find some great Amazon gems for your home playroom!

Table and Chairs



Storage & Organization

Woven Baskets (like this one with a lid!)

Long Play Toys & Games

To see more of our favorite playroom toys – visit my link here and here!

Playroom Decor

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