Mom Hacks: 5 Simple Ways to Make Mom Life Easier

Assembly Line Living

Don’t wash one dish and put it away.

Don’t fold some clothing and not the others.

In 1913 Henry Ford invented assembly lines in his factory and forever the world was changed. Instead of running your household one item at a time, try your best to collect tedious tasks together. In the morning, fill up the counter/sink to wash dishes and put them away all together. One big sweep of cups, plates, Tupperware and silverware is a lot of efficient than individual tasks. Same with laundry, errands, and other chores that aren’t timely (spills on the floor – timely. Refilling all the diapers/wipes/creams in the dresser – potentially less timely).

That’s a Wrap

When the day is done, it is not really done. I mean, is it ever?!

Give yourself motivation to prepare for the next day at night time after the kids are in bed. It is a lot more effective than stressing yourself out in the morning when the little ones are hanging off your legs or hip. Even carving out 20-minutes will save you what would have taken 30- or 40- minutes in the morning with a busy household and lots of people/things distracting you.

Skip Steps

The reason I love PackIt so much is because the cooler packs are already part of the product. It seems so small and simple – having to add and remove cooler bags from lunch boxes and snack bags back to the freezer but skipping small steps like this in your process saves a lot of time and energy when you add it all up!

Other steps to skip? Packing and unpacking the diaper bag. Try to keep as much in there as possible and have duplicates of things you need elsewhere. Same goes for the car and your work bag! Keeping items where you use and need them also helps skip extra steps backtracking or running around the house for shoes, hats, and sunscreen in different places.

Buying in bulk also helps in skipping ‘shopping’ steps on regular basis!

Share the Information

I find that Google Photos,, Google Calendar, and BabyTracker are my go-to-day-to-day information sharing magic. My husband and I started sharing our google calendars before we were married and had a household and kids to organize. Now, I am not sure how people function smoothly without it to be honest! We never miss a beat in weekly, monthly or yearly planning because our ability to share calendar information in the immediate is so easy. Google Photos has been an awesome app to back-up photos off my phone automatically and easily share with friends and family near and far. These products just save time and energy, taking a few minutes of work out of each day.

Efficiency Products

I recommend a lot of products (favorites, travel, summer, sleep, etc.). Most all the products I recommend are because they add some sort of ease to the process – effective, efficient, easy, simple solutions to keep safe in the sun, to get to the beach, to pack up lunches, go on vacation, etc.

Productivity Service Products

Meal delivery services such as Nurture Life (my current favorite for my two little boys) and Freshly (current favorite for my hubby and me, though I also love Blue Apron and Thistle on my swap weeks) make food life a lot easier!!

Instacart is my jam for grocery delivery service, especially in a pinch when I realize I need milk and eggs for the morning and my kids are already asleep and I can’t leave them to go to the grocery store kinda-thing. I also have instacart deliver to our airbnb’s when traveling which feels like a serious power move of productivity.

Using products like Freshly, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Family, Lovevery, Nurture Life, Instacart, Postable (promo code: MRW64F8G) — they are all factors of productivity services. They allow you to do other things while those things get done (like grocery shopping or going to the post office for instance). In a cost analysis of benefit of these types of things — your time is more valuable somewhere else theoretically — doing something else like earning money or taking care of your family. It is not feasible for everyone to use such services, I totally understand the privilege element here, but when it is possible and feasible to make life more efficient with service providers – go for it!

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